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Anirudh Thapa: Rising Star in Indian Football

In recent times, Indian football has discovered many talented players, and one of them is Anirudh Thapa, a young and skilled star. He comes from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and his story of going from a football lover to becoming an important player in the Indian national team is truly inspiring. If you like Anirudh Thapa matches and Indian football you can bet football online with 1xbet site. In this article, we will explore the life, career, and achievements of Anirudh Thapa in simpler language.

Early Life and Football Beginnings

Anirudh Thapa was born on January 15, 1998, in Dehradun. He developed an interest in football at an early age and played the sport with his friends in the local grounds. Thapa’s family saw his talent and love for football, so they encouraged him and helped him start proper football training when he was young.

Rise to Prominence

Thapa’s talent did not go unnoticed, and he soon caught the attention of scouts and coaches. Thapa went to a special place called the All India Football Federation (AIFF) Elite Academy. There, he got special training and played competitive football. His skills and effort made him really good, and he got selected to play for the Indian national team at different times when he was younger.

All India Football Federation

Professional Career

In 2016, Thapa made his professional debut for the I-League club Chennaiyin FC. His performances were impressive, and he quickly became a key player for the team. Thapa was really good at controlling the midfield, making accurate passes, and understanding the game tactics. This made him a very important player for Chennaiyin FC.

National Team Success

Anirudh Thapa played really well for his club, and because of his great performances, he got selected to join the Indian national team in 2017. He made his international debut in a friendly match against Mauritius, and there was no looking back. Thapa’s technical skills, work rate, and versatility in midfield made him an integral part of the national squad.

Thapa’s most amazing time was at the 2019 AFC Asian Cup when he played a big part in India’s good performance. He amazed everyone with his excellent play against strong teams like the UAE and Bahrain, and this made people think of him as a young football star in India.

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Style of Play

Anirudh Thapa is known for his composure on the ball, vision, and passing ability. He is equally comfortable defending and attacking, making him a complete midfielder. Thapa’s quick decision-making and ability to read the game have often helped turn the tide in favor of his team.

Off the Field

Beyond his football skills, Thapa is admired for his humble and down-to-earth nature. People know him as someone who is very disciplined and committed to his training. This has helped him improve quickly as a player.

Future Prospects

As Anirudh Thapa continues to progress in his career, the future looks bright for the young midfielder. Because of his talent and strong determination, he has the chance to become a football star in India and leave a mark in international football too.


Anirudh Thapa’s story from a small town in Uttarakhand to the national team shows how Indian football is getting better and how talented players can come from anywhere. His dedication, skill, and achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring footballers across the country. As football in India keeps getting better, Thapa’s success shows that the country has lots of potential to produce football stars who can become famous worldwide.

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