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Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry “Ye Kon Raah Mein Baithe Hein” By Tehzeeb Hafi

“Jo Baat Apne Liye Dosto Ke Muh Se Suni Dobara Bolu To Hotho Pe Zakham Aate Hain”

Tehzeeb Haif is a famous Pakistani Urdu Poet. He is a new-age poet whose writing and reciting style is different from Old Urdu Style.

He is very famous amongst the current generation and he accentuated the merger of daily language in the poetic Urdu language.

Nowadays, the Urdu poetry style is changing and developing, we are seeing a change from old Urdu to new-age Urdu language poetry.

Where the old Urdu language is hard to understand for non-Urdu speaking people. And, in new-age Urdu, poets use simple words that are easy to understand by normal people also.

The same you can notice in Tehzeeb Hafi’s Urdu poetries. He doesn’t use many hard Urdu words in his Urdu Poetries and the young generation appreciates it.

In this post, is presenting the famous Urdu Poetry of Tehzeeb Hafi “Ye Kon Raah Mein Baithe Hein”.

So, let’s start reading this beautiful Urdu Poetry by Tehzeeb Hafi

یہ کون راہ میں بیٹھے هیں مسکراتے ہیں
یہ کون راہ میں بیٹھے هیں مسکراتے ہیں
مسافروں کو غلط راستہ بتاتے ہیں
ترے لگائے ہوئے زخم کیوں نہیں بھرتے
مرے لگائے ہوئے پیڑ سوکھ جاتے ہیں
اِنہیں گلہ تھا کہ میں نے اِنہیں نہیں چاہا
یہ اب جو میری توجہ سے خوف کھاتے ہیں
کوئی تمھارا سفر پر گیا تو پوچھیں گے
کہ ریل گزرے تو ہم ہاتھ کیوں ہلاتے ہیں
جو بات اپنے لیے دوستوں کے منہ سے سُنی
دوبارہ بولوں تو ہونٹوں پہ زخم آ تے ہیں
تہذیب حافی

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Tehzeeb Hafi Urdu Poetry

Yeh kaun raah me baithe hain muskurate hain
Musafiro ko galat raasta batate hain
Tere Lagye Huwe Zakham Kyun Nahi Bharte
Mere Lagaye Howe Pair Sukh Jate hain
Unhein Gila Tha Ky Mein Ny Unhein Nahi Chaha
Ye Aab Jo Mere Tuwajha Sy Khoof Khate Hein
Koi Tumhara Safar Par Gya To Pouchein Gyn
Ky Rail Guzrey To Hum Hath Kyun Hilate Hein
Jo Baat Apne Lye Dosto Ky Muu Sy Sune
Dobara Bolo To Honton Py Zakhm Aate Hein
~~ Tehzeeb Hafiz ~~

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“Yeh Kon Raah Mai Bethe Hai Muskurate Hue Musafiron Ko Galat Raste Batlate Hue”

Deepness in writing, selection of simple words for normal people and a great way of reciting. These are a few qualities of Tehzeeb Hafi which make him a famous new-age Urdu Poet.

As you have completed reading the beautiful poem “Yeh Kon Raah Mein Baithe Hein” by Tehzeeb Hafi.

So, share your thoughts in the comment section about the poet and this poetry. You can also let us know your favourite part by commenting down.

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